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" F-response has been a stellar product for our purposes in a massive, multi-server child sexual exploitation investigation. It has allowed us to initiate a stable connection to each server for forensic acquisitions with no problems or unintended disconnection; the product has simply worked seamlessly in this unique and challenging large-scale case. F-Response is highly portable, simple to use, and is completely compatible with the wide array of forensic software and tools that we are employing. All in, a robust and simple product that is a must have in any forensic lab.s toolbox. "
Sean Ford, e-Crime, Canada

Forensic Connectivity Reimagined, F-Response Version 6 Now Available


F-Response v6 represents the beginning of what we hope will be a reimagining of the F-Response products, interfaces, and performance. It is our hope that with each release in the v6 series we will bring improvements to each part of the F-Response suite. The first set of improvements? Connectors.

The sixth generation of F-Response debuts with a reimagining of the F-Response Connectors; Email, Cloud, and Database. Leveraging the results of in the field usage, updates to providers and APIs, as well as the lessons learned from F-Response Universal and Now, we have merged all three of the Connector products into a single aptly named "F-Response Connector".

This new connector utilizes internal process isolation and improved error handling to provide a better user experience, increase stability, and provide the additional logging and details users have inquired about.

In addition to these improvements the F-Response Connector now includes two additional providers, Office365 SharePoint and Office365 OneDrive for Business (Consultant and above only).

F-Response Version 6 is available to all active license holders via the downloads page on our website. You will need your dongle number to access the downloads page.

We've also updated all the Mission Guides as they pertain to Connector services. Be sure to check them out before embarking on your next cloud services acquisition.

Thanks, we hope you enjoy version 6 and the start of what we hope is an exciting year for F-Response.

Warmest Regards,
M. Shannon, Principal
March 26, 2015



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