Unlimited F-Response Subjects and Connections


There's been a good bit of discussion lately around concurrent connections in enterprise class products.

Simply put, with Enterprise, Consultant, and Universal, there is no limit to the number of concurrent connections to F-Response targets.

However sometimes this is difficult to envision, let me provide an example.

Ex. "I have 4 target computers which I have deployed F-Response Enterprise to. I would like to perform imaging on all 4 computers at the same time, however, I have my dongle connected to my FEMC/License Manager computer and would not like to use it alone to image all 4 target computers. I do have these 4 extra imaging laptops available though. In this case, simply install F-Response Enterprise on those 4 imaging laptops, then use the newly installed F-Response Accelerator on those imaging machines to connect directly to the target computers. Congratulations, you have now experienced the force multiplier effect of F-Response EE/CE and Accelerator."

So, bottom line, what does this mean for me?

If you are an F-Response EE, CE, or UNIV customer. Congratulations, you have instant force multiplier capability for no additional fees or licensing costs.

If you are a potential F-Response EE, CE, or UNIV customer. All three of those versions provide unlimited concurrent connections and unlimited target machines.
If this is intriguing to you, contact us and we'll run a quick demo, and then get you direct access to our trial dongle.

We think you'll like what you see.
Thanks and Enjoy!

Warmest Regards,
M. Shannon, Principal