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" What a great product! I had a situation that required me to image a live RAID 5 Exchange server because the client needed ZERO downtime or disruption. My team and I were able to get in and out without having to tie up the IT manager or slow down ANY work flow. I plugged the dongle to the server, ran the executable, entered authentication info and was off the server in under a minute. The IT manager said, "Wait that's all you need to do on the server?!" I happily told him yes so he could get back to his work and quietly imaged 600GB of data. No tearing apart the server, no downtime, no multiple disk images for the RAID and way less paper work. F-Response is a MUST HAVE for anyone doing forensic work today! "
Douglas Brush, http://www.TheDigitalForensicGroup.com


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F-Response products are protected by one or more patents or patents-pending, including U.S. Patent Nos. 7,899,882; 8,171,108; 9,037,630; and 9,148,418.