F-Response Universal now available on Amazon EC2


We are very pleased to announce that F-Response Universal, our newest and most comprehensive version of F-Response is now available as a Amazon EC2 Machine Image (AMI).

We've been working with multiple customers to refine the Amazon EC2 process and present a clean and simple way for new customers looking to stand up F-Response Universal in the Amazon cloud.

Thus far the results have been excellent. F-Response Universal customers have found value in leveraging the Amazon EC2 cloud to host their Universal instance in many different ways, including:

Corporate Investigations

Large organizations which have a considerable Amazon EC2 presence are benefitting from being able to deploy an F-Response Universal virtual appliance in multiple Amazon regions and data centers, giving them unprecedented access to their remote systems and servers.


Purchasing F-Response Universal in the Amazon EC2 cloud allows our consulting customers to leverage the sheer size of the EC2 cloud to move and reposition the F-Response Universal appliance for maximum effectiveness. In addition, the Internet bandwidth provided by Amazon EC2 gives them the best possible speed to and from remote subjects.

Bottom line, we are very excited to announce Amazon EC2 as the newest delivery option for F-Response Universal. You'll find our latest AMI and everything necessary to get started on the Amazon Marketplace.

Interested in getting a demonstration and evaluation of F-Response Universal? Contact us today to setup the demo.

Thanks and enjoy!

M. Shannon, Principal
April 22, 2015